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A Note from Dr. Lohr

A Note from Dr. Lohr

Recently, I have had several of my patients ask about some of the newer options in hip and knee replacement surgery. Many of those patients had read about the newer, smaller incision techniques and were surprised to find out that these techniques were available right here in our office.

The minimal incision or small incision techniques are really modifications of more established methods for replacing hips and knees. The same procedure is accomplished through smaller incisions. The goal is to get the same reliable pain relief with less injury to the muscles and tissues around the replaced joint.

My experience with these techniques has been that the patients do seem to bounce back more quickly, and have less pain than the more standard approach.

These small incision techniques require some specialized instruments and extra training for the surgeon which I have acquired. I have found that it really takes no longer to complete the procedure, and that patients are quite satisfied.

This, along with our newer methods of pain control including pumps that deliver numbing medicine to the area, have really lessened the pain associated with surgery and eliminated one of the concerns patients have had about post operative pain.

Many patients now go home on the second day after surgery.

When orthopedic surgeons have their own joints replaced, they usually choose a surgeon who can do the procedure with these newer methods. That’s why I’m pleased to be able to offer this to our patients here in Chestertown.

Please call the office if you want to learn more, I’ll be happy to talk to you about it.

-Dr. Frederick Lohr

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