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Back Care

Taking Care of Your Back

There are many different sources of back pain. Poor posture, physical injuries, aging, and arthritis can leave us suffering, and in some cases disabled. Most commonly, back pain is caused by muscle strain. Sudden twisting or heavy straining can damage back muscles just as they can any other muscle in the body. Even simply sleeping the wrong way can cause stress on your neck and back.

Stand up straight! The Spine
These simple stresses can be prevented by all the same common sense techniques which have been around for years. Posture is key in preventing back injuries. No matter what you are doing, if you keep your neck aligned with your back and your back straight, you can't go wrong. You're mother told you to sit up and stand up straight for a reason! Slouching causes your back to bend, and puts pressure on the vertebrae and cushioning discs. Just as you can make your shocks last longer in your car by not hitting as many pot holes, you can make your discs last longer by maintaining good posture.

People tend to forget that their back will flex when it has to, but it doesn't like it! Using your knees and hips for pushing and lifting greatly reduces the stress on your back. Even sleeping in a straight line will remove much of the strain on your back.

There are many other factors which are involved in back pain. Back and/or leg pain be caused by pressure on the spinal cord or on a spinal nerve. The source of this pressure may include an intervertevral disc, bone spurs or inflamed ligaments. This can come from a single injury, or degeneration in the joints of the spine over time. Many subtle changes in the back may initially go unnoticed, but with time they can add up to pain. Often, subtle degeneration is combined with a sudden injury, leaving the back in a sad state.

Diagnosis and treatment of back pain is a task best left to professionals. Talk to your doctor, or talk to someone here at Chestertown Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. We can find the reason for your pain, along with the proper way to treat it.

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